Being an administrative agent

According to Article 1 of the current Organic Statute of the Profession of Administrative Agent:

The Administrative Agents are professionals who, without prejudice to the faculty to act by means of the representation powers conferred to the interested parties by virtue of article 24 of the Law of Administrative Procedure, are usually dedicated in a professional manner and subject to the payment of fees, to promote, request and perform all kinds of procedures that do not require the application of the legal technique reserved for the legal profession, relating to matters that in the interest of natural or legal persons, and at their request, are followed before any of the bodies of the Public Administration, informing its clients of the status and progress of the procedure implemented to carry out the formalities.

What are their activities?

The advice in administrative matter in general, the telematic processing of license plates and vehicle transfers, through the entrustment with the DGT (National Department of Traffic, Dirección General de Tráfico), centralizing all the services related to the processing of vehicles through the Association. Management and defence in tax and financial matters, in labour and commercial matters. Cooperation agreements executed by the General Council of Administrative Agents with different Administrations: State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT), Regional Cadastral Department, with other professional groups such as Registrars and Notaries or institutions such as the ONCE, Organización Nacional de Ciegos de España, etc.

All this activities are carried out adapted to the new technologies, and acting through computer platforms with the character of collegiate professionals, subject to the ethical rules set forth in the Organic Statute of the Profession, and in the Particular Statutes of each Association, rendering their services either as natural persons or professional societies, being able to hire employees and third-party co-operators.

Our professional performance is protected by the coverage afforded by the Collective Insurance Policy of Professional Civil Liability, whose policyholder is the School, with a minimum insured capital of 600,000.- € per collegiate.