Mutual insurance

The Mutualidad de Previsión Social de los Gestores Administrativos a Prima Fija was incorporated in 1945 as a professional entity registered before the Registry of Social Security Entities on 14 April 1945, under number 295.

It is a non-profit making private insurance entity. It basically performs a voluntary insurance modality, alternative and complementary to the compulsory payments to social security, by means of fixed contributions by mutualists.

Currently, the Mutual Insurance Company has a voluntary nature, and the administrative agents, either practising or not, the employees of the General Council and of the Official Associations of Administrative Agents, as well as those who are or have been relatives and employees of the mutualists may become members of the Mutual Insurance Company.

The Mutual Insurance Company of Administrative Agents offers to those Administrative Agents who practice the profession – the Basic Plan Mutuaga – an alternative plan and an affordable social welfare scheme, through a individual capitalization and insurance technique system, including retirement coverage, permanent and absolute disability, temporary disability, including maternity, paternity, risk of pregnancy and death. Also, the Mutualidad offers a social security scheme covering the retirement – Mutuaga Complementary Plan – which was created to extend retirement savings in comfortable instalments of 50 euros per month.

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