Work Areas

The Plenary Board of the General Council has constituted several Work Areas in connection with those matters that require a special follow-up, study or participation of the Associations that make up the Plenary of the General Council.

They study and develop the issues of their field. They submit proposals for resolutions and possible opinions to the Executive Committee; Their resolutions are not binding, neither for themselves nor for the Plenary Board of the General Council.

The Chairs of the Work Areas may invite experts or professionals whose knowledge is relevant in connection with the matters to be discussed.

The main goal of each Work Area is that administrative agents continue to be the reference professionals in each of the activities, and co-operate with the Public Administrations to improve the attention and services rendered to the citizens.

The current commissions and their chairpersons are the following:

  • Traffic & Mobility Area: María Teresa Vila Esteve
  • Mercantile & Registries Area: Miguel Angel Alonso de Paz
  • Fiscal Area: Pilar Otero Moar
  • Labor Area: José Damián Pérez de las Bacas y Vacas
  • Nationalities & Inmigration Area: Carlos Rodriguez-Noriega Acedo
  • Transport Area: Félix Boronat Rodríguez
  • Mediation & Arbitration Areas: Joaquín Antonio Giner Segarra
  • Project & Procedures Area: María Teresa Gómez Latorre
  • Equility Area: Nuria García León