Greeting from the President

Welcome to the General Council of Administrative Agents of Spain

Dear colleagues,

The General Council of Administrative Agents of Spain is the highest representative institution of our profession. To be its President is an honour and a privilege that I embrace with enthusiasm, commitment and the enormous responsibility of being aware that I am working on behalf of the citizens and of the profession as a whole.

We are 6,000 professionals. We are lawyers, economists and graduates in business administration, but we are also administrative agents, an added value in terms of training and specialization that recognizes us as highly qualified intermediaries with a multisectoral profile that allows us to offer an integral service to our clients. In addition, we are very valuable agents for the public administrations since we may directly reach companies and individuals,  and we are at the forefront of technological innovation. At the General Council we will continue working on this line of action, so that we may continue being a core milestone for the Public Administrations, helping them to reach where they do not reach and expanding their efforts where they do.

The excellence in the administrative management includes the provision of an integral service to clients, based on consultancy and advice, and we must be able to transfer that message to all the society. We want that companies, citizens and administrations are aware that talking about gA is talking about professionalism, quality and excellence.

Of course, we owe it also to the different Colleges of Administrative Agents, the entities that truly certify the quality of the services provided as quality guarantors and certifiers. It is our job to coordinate their management actions and give them timely guidance so that they benefit the profession better.

I do not want to forget about our distinctive brand, the gA logo. I am a firm believer in the power of this acronym as a seal of professional guarantees. The gA identifies the entire group and reflects our multidisciplinary profile and intermediation capacity, as well as our great capillarity throughout the national territory. That is why we will continue betting on it, reinforcing it in each action, internal and external, in each measure and in each project. The goal is to unambiguously identify it with a job well done. You can be assured that, although our name may be common, our surname is less and less unknown and we are working hard to make it so.

In a highly-competitive society which is continuously changing, where intrusiveness is so common, only those professions that provide security, certainty, quality, experience and a clear added value have a place. This is the reason why we have to work firmly, redefining and adapting ourselves to the new scenarios and revalidating our title of effective professionals as many times as necessary.

United we are stronger, Council, colleges and associates. Synergies arising from cooperation entail positive results and strengthen the whole group. We are one of the strongest and most respected professional groups in Spain and it is time to be proud of being a member.

The Council is not directed, but co-directed. And as the person who has the ultimate responsibility, my goal is that the excellent work carried out by the chairs of each local college multiplies and amplifies with the support and advice of everyone, since the success of each college is the success of the profession as a whole.

Fernando Jesús Santiago Ollero