Role of the General Council

The General Council of Associations of Administrative Agents of Spain is the representative body of the profession, both at national and global level, and coordinates the policy and actions implemented by the Councils of the Regional Associations and the Local Associations of Administrative Agents; it is a Public Law Corporation for all purposes, with its own legal personality and full capacity to fulfil its purposes

The General Council of Associations of Administrative Agents of Spain shall perform the following functions:

  1. To hold the representation powers established by the law for the fulfillment of its purposes.
  2. To serve as a liaison with the General State Administration through the relevant Ministry to which the profession is linked.
  3. To organise activities and services of a professional, educational, cultural, welfare and social nature, as well as other similar activities and services that may be of interest to the different members.
  4. To establish the professional fee scales, that will serve only for reference purposes.
  5. To approve the guidelines on fees charged to administrative agents of different Colleges.
  6. To draw up the General Statute of the Profession, as well as its own Statute.
  7. To settle any disputes that may arise between the different Professional Associations, when they involve more than one Autonomous Community.
  8. To coordinate the policy and actions developed by the Councils of Local Associations of the different Autonomous Communities, for which purpose it shall be informed by such Councils of any resolutions that may affect the profession at national level.
  9. To exercise disciplinary functions vis-a-vis the members of the Council itself and the members of the Governing Boards of the different Associations, in the event that there is no Regional Council.
  10. To approve its own budget.
  11. To regulate and establish the financial contributions of the different associations on an equitable basis.
  12. To issue a mandatory report with regard to any intended amendment of the national Laws on Professional Associations.
  13. To prepare reports concerning any draft provisions of a general nature of the State Administration that directly affect the practice of the profession, in the terms indicated in article 24.1 c) of Law 50/1997, of 27 November 1997, of the Government.
  14. To represent administrative agents vis-à-vis similar entities in other States.
  15. To seek to achieve the highest possible level of professional activity.
  16. In the absence of the Regional Council, to adopt such measures as it deems appropriate to provisionally fill the Governing Boards of the Local Associations with the most senior members, when more than half of the seats on such Boards become vacant. The provisional Board so formed shall exercise its functions until such time as those members appointed by virtue of an election, to be held in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association, take office.
  17. To establish the amount of the Civil Liability Police.
  18. In the absence of a Regional Council, to resolve appeals lodged against the acts of the Local associations.
  19. To keep a general register of those professionals who practise the profession.
  20. To strive for the highest level of employment of the members of the associations.
  21. And any other functions assigned to it by the Law on Professional Associations, the present Statute, its specific Statute and the Internal Regulations.