New Professional Activities

The tax reform of 1978 opened the doors of tax advice to administrative agents, which would increase their powers with the enactment of the Data Protection Law in 1999, the Patents and Trademarks Act and many others, which have made Administrative Agents a profession which requires a high qualification and permanent preparation.

The emergence of the autonomous communities, local administrations and the European Union have increasingly complicated the administrative landscape for companies and citizens, which has turned administrative agencies into increasingly larger offices equipped with specialists who help their partners to provide an excellent service to their clients, both in the field of the planning of the company, in obtaining permits and authorizations and, of course, in those procedures and advice that deal with tax, financial, labour and commercial matters.

Since the beginning of 2009, the administrative agents are ready to carry out the procedures for the online register and transfer of motor vehicles through the Internet, so that the owners and the motor vehicle dealers no longer require to physically visit the provincial traffic office. Last year, 2.4 million new registrations were processed and more than three million transfers were made, which means more than eight million visits, with the inconveniencies that this would entail.